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Our Strength

Our company is a well-established manufacturer having achieved remarkable results with X-ray-related apparatus developed on our own.

Kinki Roentgen Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Japanese technology development company. We manufacture X-ray apparatuses as our key products. Our main plant and technical center in Kyoto play a pivotal role in all stages, from the development of cutting-edge technologies to product planning, design and manufacturing.

Our core technologies are represented by our X-ray generators. As the greatest strength of the company, we have complete in-house control over the design and manufacture of all products, together with our characteristic technologies, including downsizing, high-voltage and high-resolution capabilities, and output stabilization through an invertera downsized inverter featuring high-voltage and high-resolution capabilities. Our X-ray generator is integrated into medical X-ray devices and Non Destructive Testing (NDT)non-invasive inspection apparatus where X-rays are utilized.

An X-ray generator consists of a power source and a control component that activate the X-ray tube. We are one of the few manufacturers possessing the technology to deliver in-house development, design and manufacturing of such X-ray generator suppliers. This is one of our major advantages.

Our target markets are primarily the medical and industrial fields, where we deliver OEM and customized products. We apply in-house X-ray generators for both OEM and customized products, placing our company in a unique position among X-ray generator manufacturers.

We offer original services including maintenance and the customization of products, as well as consultation concerning X-ray systems. We are proud of being the most reliable professionals in X-ray technology.


Our products have responded to niche market’s request by custom-made.

  • For clothing
  • For enucleation of pearl oyster


We have commercialized X-ray apparatus of all imaging methods since? foundation.

  • Paxrak D